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My Aunt Liz

March 26, 2011

We all have special people in our lives. I'm very lucky to have many of them. But there are a few that are always at the top of my list, my Aunt Liz being one of them.
How long have I known her? All of my life. From the time I was a little girl, I have loved and admired her. I got to know her the most when I was 14 years old and took her up on the invitation to come to live with her and her family following the death of my mother. She was working, and yet had time to be a good "parent" and friend to me. She redid Pat's bedroom to make room for me, let me use her car while learning to drive, and let me take it by myself once I had my license. She even took the blame when I drove the car with insufficient oil and the engine block broke!
She put up with the bizarre idea of Pat and me allowing us to scrape out used tubes of lipstick and melt them together in a coffee can on the stove and then pour the new blend back into the empty tubes for a new lipstick color. (What a mess this was!)
The night before my wedding, she managed an assembly line in her home to bake, frost, cut into pieces, and slide into "groom's cake bags" cherry devil's food cake. What a labor of love! We still talk about this!
It was at her house where we celebrated Hans' first birthday - with a triple layer chocolate, whipped cream cake from The Brother's Deli - sadly, no longer in business. It was Hans' first taste of cake and chocolate, and she allowed him to make a big mess, while he enjoyed every bite of it. She even held up the plate so he could lick it, and then proceeded to put him in the kitchen sink to give him a bath. We recorded it on our family movie camera.
I have traveled with her to Holland, Michigan; Illinois, Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Whales, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Pennsylvania, Branson, Missouri; Indiana, Washington state, and a cruise to Alaska. Beautiful memories were made.

On her 70th birthday, I surprised her with a party — inviting all of our family members. Prior to the party, I sent each family unit a piece of fabric and asked that they personalize it for Aunt Liz. Once they were returned to me, I sent the pieces to my cousin, Diane, and she did a beautiful job of putting them together and quilting them. We presented this quilt to Aunt Liz at the party.

There are many things I love and admire about Aunt Liz: some are her gifts of hospitality, positive attitude, and hunger for learning. I overlook the fact that she is a Democrat and a former, card-carrying union member. ;-)
On Monday, she will have surgery to remove a cancerous kidney. She's not afraid of the surgery, but looking past that to recovery and getting on with her life. She's unhappy that she will be in the operating room during her favorite TV show, The Price Is Right.
Many prayers are being offered for you and the surgeon, Aunt Liz. I hope it won't be long before you'll be driving the Patty Wagon to the library, opening your door to friends and neighbors, and talking to me and others on the phone. Thank you for being so special to me.

Aunt Liz's Blog


September 15, 2007

Aunt Liz wrote this: Now that I have a blog again I had better write something! It was cold here last night & there was a frost warning so I covered the tomato plants. Everything was fine this a.m. I was trying to hold out on turning on the heat, but this morning got me. It was 60* in here & that was too chilly for me, so on came the heat!! & it feels good. I suppose in a couple of days will have the AC on again--so what does a guy expect? This is Minnesota!

I love the pictures of baby 'Reila. She is just precious. Sarah, you are doing so good. Amazing how ideas change about babies. When Wayne was born in 1943, I had to stay in the hospital for 9 days & wasn't allowed to get out of bed for 3 days & then just to sit in a chair for about an hour! It was better in 1946 when Pat was born--only 6 days in the hospital!! Of course the doctors finally came to the idea that wasn't so good. They should have known—the pioneer women had their babies in the wee morning hours & then got up & made a meal for the family!! I think now we have hit a happy medium.

Love to all. Keep blogging!

Busy Week

September 27, 2007

I have really had a busy week! On Thursday, Mary Beth & I went to the casino at Hinckley-– just for the day & we both came out ahead, which is not usual, so we were both happy! Went to Austin Sat for a concert where Janet's Sweet Adeline group was singing. It was really good. And we got to see Linda again and her new car. On Sun we went to Janet's & Jerry's for brunch & had a nice visit and a delicious brunch!
On the way back to Donna's house, we stopped by the Buddhist temple which is by Farmington & Hampton.The address is Hampton. We went inside the temple after asking a man who was doing yard work (he was Asian & maybe one of the monks). He did not speak English. Inside was an altar with a large gold Buddha & vases & flowers & little statues. It is so unusual to see this huge temple in the middle of all the farm land.

On Tues I went on a tour to Duluth & Two Harbors. Took a bus to Two Harbors where we had lunch & then got on a train which took us back to Duluth. The leaves were great south of Duluth but most of the trees up there are birch or poplar & they were bright yellow. Just the sumac was red. It was a long day—had to catch the bus by Maplewood Mall at 7:15 AM and did not get back until 8 PM, but I enjoyed the trip. Mary Beth & 4 of her old classmates were on the tour also.

Donna, I was sorry to hear about your bird but hope you get another one that sings a lot. Heidi, that was terrible about your hand. It had to be very painful, but I guess it could have been worse & it happened at the end of your vacation, didn't it? Linda, it was so good to see you again. I really love getting together with my relatives.
I love the pictures of Aurelia. It is so neat to see how she grows & tries to do things now. Aren't these computers great?? even if they frustrate me!!

Panama Canal Cruise

October 27, 2007
It was a great cruise! And the Canal was very interesting, especially going through the locks. Our ship had about two feet from the wall of the lock-no chance of error! There are small locomotives on both sides of the lock which have cables to the ship & keep it steady. We were at sea for two days after leaving Fort Lauderdale. I went to beauty shop on ship & had my hair cut & set. The cost wasn't to bad-$52, but a lot more than I pay here as I get Sr. discount: $15. I went to the library & took some books to our cabin but did not read much. Our cabin was at the opposite end of the ship from the dining room & buffet - which was probably a good thing as we had to walk a lot!! The food was fantastic! One night I had prime rib. the next night, lamb, then lobster & shrimp, and chicken Kiev & the desserts were to die for. The buffet was great also. We usually had lunch at the buffet & everyday at 3:30 there was a Tea which we went to a couple of times. Our dinner was at 8 pm. We had a real nice group at our table. One couple was from Las Vegas, one from Florida & one from Wales. The lady from Wales had her birthday so her husband treated all of us to champagne!

Our first stop was at Aruba — a small island off the coast of Columbia. We did some shopping there but it was so hot & humid that I could hardly wait to get back to the ship. Then we went to Cartagena—also in Columbia, & it was hot there, too, so I did not get off the ship. Then to the Canal where we went through the locks to Gatun Lake. Mary Beth got off the ship & took a tour through the rain forest & got back on the ship at Cristobal. I wanted to go through the locks again so I did not take the tour + the heat was too much for me. At Cristobal the temperature was 87* & the humidity was 97* !!! Then on to Limon, Costa Rica, where we took a tour of country side & banana plantation. That was great. We were at sea the next day till we came to Ocha Rios, Jamaica, where we took a tour on a glass bottom boat. I have never paid so much to be uncomfortable in my life!! The boat was small & the benches we had to sit on were only about 14 inches high so my knees were practically hitting my chin & you had to lean forward to see through the glass AND the glass was leaking!! The crew kept mopping up the water with a sponge!! AND the biggest fish we saw was about 6 inches long & not even colorful. I've seen better minnows in a minnow bucket! Boy, was I glad to get off that boat! Good thing it was only an hour & that was too long.

After Jamaica we were at sea heading for Florida. We were north of Cuba when a passenger spotted 3 people in the water. Our ship turned around & sent out two rescue boats & they searched for three hrs. but did not find anyone. I saw the small raft on the water but it was falling apart & pieces were floating all around. The Coast Guard was notified & we went on our way. We went to a stage show almost every night. One night we went to a movie-also went to the casino, but had no luck at all. Mary Beth did OK - she came out ahead $40. I was really tired when we got home Sun. eve. I went to bed at 7:30 pm & did not get up until 7 am. But it was all worth it & I am looking forward to next cruise to Alaska!
P. S. I forgot yesterday to tell you that I made use of my swimsuit!! I went to the hot tub almost every day & it was great!! There were lots of heavy weights on the ship so I fit right in! Lots of people with walkers & a couple of motorized chairs & wheelchairs. One guy had a broken leg & he was in a wheelchair. Not too many young people on this cruise & only a few very young children.

Wed. Mary Beth went with me to St. Peter for our old friends get together. I have been friends with Eleanor for 70 yrs & Maxine for 66 yrs. We have changed a lot in those years!!! We have been getting together once a year now for 20 yrs.

Bad, Bad Liz


November 17, 2007
Yeah, I'm bad for not writing in this blog for so long!! I enjoy reading other people's blogs but I get lazy & do not write in mine. I love the ones with pix & wish I could do that but my computer is too slow. Last week we went to Donna's. Jerry, Janet, Peder, Sarah & darling Aurelia were there--so guess who got all the attention even though we were celebrating Jerry's, Peder's & Sarah's birthdays!!

Last night Pat & I went to Bloomington to a church where they have a Christmas tea. The ladies of the church have a table with 8 people. They use their own dishes & decorate the tables. We get a chance to walk around before they serve so we can see all the different tables & how they are decorated. Our table was decorated with purple & gold. We had the same hostess as last year (Donna knows her & that is how we get tickets). Her husband is our waiter. Donna will probably send some pix-right. Donna? They served mixed fruit, mixed greens salad, quiche & dessert & of course tea.

Thanksgiving will be at my house. Almost everyone will be here. Bobby is working, so she will not be here. She works security at the airport & works every holiday. Kim is cooking for Bob's daughter & 2 grandsons, so they will not be here either. There still will be 15 people counting the kids.
Peder said they enjoy my blogs – that I write about old times. I will do some more of that in the future (when I can remember some stuff!!)/ That will give me something to write about.

General News


December 1, 2007
I thought I had posted another blog on Thurs., but Donna told me that there was no new one--so I checked & it was in "draft." I could not figure out how to get it posted then, so here is a new one. Hopefully I will do this right!
I wrote that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving & that I was getting tired of leftovers. I made a really good turkey soup & that is the end!!
I have made a couple of batches of scones this past week to use up the heavy whipping cream that we did not use. Pat gave me some dried cranberries that I put in one batch with some orange zest – they were really good. I have frozen most of them.

Barb Hulback came yesterday to sell her craft stuff at a sale at St. Andrews church. She was there yesterday from 4pm to 8pm & today from 8:30 am to 1pm. She made a little over $100 yesterday & she isn't back yet today. I guess she will be staying here again tonight because of the snow coming down heavy for the past couple of hours. She lives by Menominee, Wisc--about 1 & 1/2 hour drive. She has 2 daughters that live here in Willernie but neither one has extra room so she sleeps here. She makes the BEST fudge, so I got the ingredients & she made a batch for me last night. I intend to give it for Christmas presents--after I give it a taste test!!

Pudge brought over the golf cart & it is now in the garage for the winter. He also checked the snow blowers which is a good thing with the snow falling today. HAPPY WINTER!!

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Casseroles & Bean Soup

February 10, 2008

We did get together at Diane's house on Jan.26. When we were there we talked about hot dishes. Diane said they called them casseroles--here in Mn, "casserole" is the container the hot dish goes into. I told them about Minnesota's hot dish law & then I told them that the U.S. Senate had a rule that bean soup would be on the menu every day in the Senate dining room & this was a Senator from Minn. that got that passed. The Senator was Knute Nelson & this was at the turn of the century. He had gone to the dining room & they did not have bean soup on the menu.  So he went back to the Senate where it was made a rule that bean soup be on the menu every day. It is not a law but a Senate rule & apparently tradition has taken over as bean soup is still served every day!! Minnesotans get passionate about their food!! Although no one has gotten lutefisk as a rule or law --YET!!

Pat & Pudge left for Florida yesterday–good timing as it was 14 below here this morning. I am staying in the house!! I made some Spanish rice for lunch today--I haven't had that for a long time.

Tomorrow someone from Life Alert is coming to set it up for me. I hope I never have to use it --but it is a safeguard. You have to pick 2 or 3 people to be first responders so I put down Pudge & Pat & Denny Lindroth & my neighbor Barb Parent. They have to have a key or access to one.  I will know more after tomorrow.

Heidi, that was too bad about the cabin having bats. I am not afraid of them --just the rabies they carry, so I do not like to get too close to them either.

Yesterday I downloaded the pictures from my camera to the computer--I felt so smart that I was able to do that, but I did have good directions. I wish I could send pictures but my computer is too slow but I enjoy everyone else's pix.

Bits & Pieces

February 21, 2008

Pat & Pudge got back from Florida last Sat. & got home in time for some more frigid Minn weather!! We have had our share of it this winter. Several below zero days & wind chill bad. Doesn't bother me too much as I stay inside, although I have been going to a chiropractor once a week for the pinched nerve. It is 95% better. I got the Life Alert last week. A small machine plugs into the phone line & electric outlet. When the lady was here we tested it. My machine is in the kitchen on the little shelf under the cookbooks. Anyway she had me go all over the house to see if they could hear me after I pushed the button which is on a string around my neck--I went downstairs by the washer & dryer & they could hear me loud & clear. Then I went into the garage & shut the door & they still could hear me. Amazing!! Hope I never have to use it!

Yesterday Mary Beth & I took a tour bus to the casino in Hinckley. I did not win this time but it was good to get out of house & do something different. I made a vest for Donna this past week. She had the pattern & material. It turned out good but I had a terrible time with the lining! She hasn't seen it yet.

I am reading a book by Minn. author  P. J. Tracy--a mother & daughter team--one lives in Mn. & the other in Cal.  It is a murder mystery taking place in Mn. The murdered person is put in a snowman--There have been 3 so far & I am only half way in the book. It takes place in winter in Mn. and is oh so familiar when they write about the weather.

Chicken with its head cut off!!


March 13, 2008

Time that I write here again! I am like Donna with her 10 min. weekends--it was only yesterday that I wrote here! At least it seems that way. Sun. Pat & Donna & I went to Rochester to celebrate Janet's birthday. We went out to eat & then came back to their place for birthday cake. Lynn & Eddie came. I haven't seen Lynn for a long time & it was good to see Eddie after he had been so sick & in the hospital  He is doing great except for a monstrous hospital bill! $30,000 ---& no hospitalization! Poor guy will be paying that almost the rest of his life.

I have been to the dentist twice last week. Had one small cavity & then my front bottom teeth were getting loose. Dentist put a fine wire to the solid teeth & then covered that with dentist's cement. Now they are fine!

Yesterday I got a new dining room table —new to me. It was Tiny's. Angel (Tiny's granddaughter) called Pat the other night & told her Tiny's house was sold & asked if Pat wanted the dining room table, so she went to look at it & told me it would look good in my dining area. Yesterday Pudge & Denny got it. It is really a pretty table - also has 4 chairs. I'm glad I got it.

I noticed that Sarah used the expression "like a chicken with its head cut off," but I bet you young folks do not know how this expression came about. On the farm when you cut a chickens head off & let go of it, it would flop around as much as 10 feet or so from where it lost its head, hence the expression. Another bit of trivia you could have lived without!

April Birthdays

April 17, 2008

We had 1 day of spring--yesterday! It was a beautiful day. Now today it chilly again but no snow in the forecast--lucky us!! I am now another year older but I do not feel any older!! Thanks to everybody who sent me cards. Pat & Pudge, Kari & family & Mary Beth were here Sun for a nice dinner that Pat had made & we had a birthday cake & everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. Then we lit the candles again & sang to Kari & then once again & sang to Pat. We got a lot of mileage out of that cake!! I have rented out the basement to a young teacher until the end of the school year. She was hired at Pat's school to finish out the year & she needed a place to live, as she lives in Menomonie, Wis. I agreed as I knew it was not permanent. Pat & Pudge are getting a new roof put on their house. There are about 8 guys over there working on it. Denny was here this a.m. with plans for an addition to his house. He is going to add a 2nd story & have 2 bedrooms, bath & laundry room up there. He is retired now & enjoys retirement. Don't we all?? Pat will retire this year & that will be different for her. I enjoy reading everyone's blogs. I check them every day!

This and That

May 8, 2008

Sunday I went to a baby shower for Emily (Diane's daughter). It was at Diane & Dave's new house in Blaine. Their house is really, really nice. Has lots of windows so gets lots of light. They have a screened in deck (very smart for Mn. & all the mosquitoes) & that looks out over a pond & some woods & a cornfield. Diane said the farmer planted the corn for the wild life & they really have it. They have seen deer, wild turkeys, and beaver in the pond just in back of their house & sand-hill cranes. We saw the cranes on Sunday. Janet came on Sat & spent time with Donna before she left on Sun for Ukraine. Emily got a lot of nice baby things at the shower. There were 3 babies there--one was only 10 days old!! Janet is in a Sweet Adeline's concert on May 17th & Diane & Dave are going. They are going to pick me up. Pat will be in Hayward Wis. so I didn't think I would be able to go, but this will work out fine.

Fri. I am going to Jamie Lorch's School for Grandparent's Day. We were to write a letter & tell what it was like when we started school. I think mine might be a little different as I started school in a one room schoolhouse. YES, we had to walk to school-rain, snow or shine. We were on a farm which was only about a mile from school. The teacher had all 8 grades. There were about 12 or 15 students altogether. There were little desks in front & then medium size ones & then large ones for big kids. I carried my lunch in a little tin pail with a cover. Lunch was usually a peanut butter sandwich, a cookie or piece of cake & some fruit like an apple or raisins. When I was in 4th grade, the country school closed & then I went to school in town & a school bus picked us up. At the country school we had to carry water from the neighboring farm. We had to take turns to get the water. We had a pail to carry the water. The toilets were outside toilets – one for boys & one for girls. In winter there was a big old heating stove that burned coal & wood. The teacher would get there early in winter to start the fire so it would be warm when the kids got there. Interesting times!

Alaskan Cruise

On August 8, 2008, 19 friends and family sailed from Seattle to Alaska and back! The cruise was just fantastic!! I liked it that there were so many people on the ship that we knew-we were always running into someone you knew. Pat, Gloria, Darcy (Gloria's sister) Denny & I got to Seattle about 9:30 am on Thurs. We had reservations at Holiday Inn Downtown. Gloria & Pat looked for a cab to take us to the hotel & they got a limo for the same price as a cab. That was the first time I had ever ridden in a limo! We went to Pike's fish Market & ate lunch there, then I went back to the hotel for my nap. We went to a restaurant noted for its sea food for supper. Then when getting into cab to go to the hotel, I shut the car door on my left leg--Now that really HURT! & did it ever get black & blue. It did not bother me on the ship unless I bumped it but I kept putting ice on it the first few days. On Sat after we got home it started to hurt & get prickly sensations like a bunch of needles & kept it up on Sun., so I went to Dr. yesterday & it had developed a surface blood clot. The Dr. numbed my leg (not enough) & then made a small incision & pushed the clot out. I have to go back Fri. to have it checked.

The scenery in Alaska is just awesome. We saw whales, dolphins, glaciers, mountains. Linda, Pat, Gloria, Darcy & I took a train tour in Juneau that followed the old gold rush trail. That was fantastic.
Our room said it could sleep 3, but when I walked into room, there was no couch like I expected, but a bunk bed!! Well guess who was the lucky one to get that? No, not me. I could not have climbed the ladder to get up there, so Linda was the unlucky one. She did good!!

I have not had access to Internet since Aug 4--Juno could not get it so Pudge sent for a disc & had to re-install Juno so now I can get on but I am going to change to Comcast & get high speed Internet. I know Pat sure likes theirs now & she gets on the computer more.

Aunt Liz and the Patty Wagon

September 2, 2008

I have enjoyed looking at all the pix that everyone sent of our cruise. I just got hi-speed Internet on Sun. through Comcast. I did not know they worked on Sun, but they did. I am just trying to get used to it--I think I will keep my Yahoo email address as I am used to that & everyone has it.

Pat & Pudge were gone for the weekend. They went to Hayward Wis. to Jim & Gloria's cabin & then they went to Chicago-I think on Mon. So it was pretty quiet around here until yesterday afternoon. I went for a ride on the Patty wagon (golf cart).  Went to Pat's house to check on the tomato plants and then I went to the Roman Market restaurant to get a sandwich, but they were closed, so I headed for home. As I was coming down Warner Road, I heard sirens, so I pulled over & the ambulance & 2 police cars went by. They turned onto the same road I was going to turn on, so I took off & when I came to the top of Faversham Rd, I saw the ambulance in my driveway. I hurried down & my garage door was open & rescue squad & police were coming out the door!! I said "What is going on?" & the police said they were looking for the resident. I told them I was the "resident." They told me my emergency signal from Life Alert had gone off! I have no idea how that happened but I must have leaned on it somehow. They then called my responders. #1 is Pudge & they got him in Chicago (their home calls go to his cell phone). I imagine they called Denny, #2, & Barb Parent, #3. But they were not home so at that point they called the rescue squad. The police woman told me they had searched the whole house. I think they were glad when I came tooling up on the golf cart!! I stayed outside for awhile talking to a neighbor & in the meantime Pudge had called Kari to see if they had been to my house that day. When I got into the house, Kari was calling me, so I called Pat & Pudge to tell them what had happened. While I was talking to them, Gemma came rushing in & was happy to see I was OK. Pudge had called her to find out what was going on!! Enough excitement for one day!! & for one week!

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September 22, 2008

My sympathy to all the DeFor family upon the death of Erna--mother, grandmother & great-grandmother & friend. It was so great that her family got to see her & say goodby. Our weather has been perfect these last few days but the leaves are starting to turn so we know it will be getting cooler. I am getting a new washer & dryer on Wed.--a stacked one. Pat is taking my old washer but could not take the dryer as it is 250 volt & their basement is not wired for that. I am going to call the grandkids & see if they can use it. Mary Beth just came to visit so I am going to send this & maybe write more later.

Telling a Few Stories


December 9, 2008
Thanksgiving has come & gone & Christmas is coming up fast!! I have a few of my decorations up --not the tree yet but will get that yet this week. And am thinking about making the plum puddings. I enjoyed going to Rochester to see Rachel & kids & Peder & Sarah & Relia. It is so much fun for me to watch them play. Janet got out her dolls & doll bed & the girls had fun with them. Joe played with plastic blocks--they had numbers on them & Joe would say the nunbers in German--up to 20!

Donna has a funny on her email today about men taking messages. Well I have a couple of them also & they are true ones about Vic & Tony Dadey. When Peder was born (they lived in Ill) Steve called my place & Vic answered the phone. Steve told him that Donna had a baby boy & named him Peder. The message that Vic relayed to me was "Peder called & said that Dolly (she was Pudge's sister & lived in Conn.) had a baby & named him Steve." I called Pat right away & she was surprised. She called Thelma (Pudge's mother) & told her. Thelma was also surprised & said "I didn't even know she was pregnant!!" So she called Dolly right away & Dolly had no idea what she was talking about! We finally got it straightened out & we have always gotten a big laugh from that story. And another one was a Tony Dadey story. Tony stopped by my house & I told him Denny was coming. Well, he went to Pat's house & told her that Ginny (my sister ) was coming. Pat called me & asked why I hadn't told her that Ginny was coming. I said, "O My Gosh! I have to go get groceries & clean house!!" I asked Pat who had told her that & she told me Tony, so we got that one straightened out pretty fast!! But we did learn not to give those two any messages!!!

New TV


February 22, 2009

I am enjoying my new 47 in. TV. I thought it would be too big in the living room but it isn't & the picture is great. Today I was going to the computer but decided to watch some TV first . After a bit I was going to change channels & I was clicking the buttons & nothing was happening--So I thought 'What is wrong with this new TV?? ' Then I realized that I had the telephone in my hand instead of the remote!!?? SENIOR MOMENT!!

I have been on the computer most of the afternoon looking at all the facebooks. A guy can spend a lot of time just doing that. We had such a good time going to Rochester last Sat to the tea put on by Janet's Sweet Adeline's & having Aurelia with us. I went to the casino Fri. with Mary Beth & Barb. We took a bus tour-just for the day--we went to Hinckley. Did not win any money but we had fun & had a great lunch at the buffet. I am going to watch the Oscars tonight. I have not seen any of the movies but it is still interesting.

Willernie Garden Club

June 6, 2009

Last Sun I went with Donna & Janet to a musical at the Bloomington Civic Center. It was the "Music Man" & it was really good. Then we went out for supper & then Jan & I went to my house & she spent the night. A good time was had by all!! Now this Sunday Pat, Kari, Jamie & I are going to Anna's dance recital. They always have a number they call Dads & Daughters. This year Bryan agreed to be in it with Anna--We can hardly wait to see this. He said he actually had fun at the practices & meeting the other dads. Anna is so pleased that he is doing this with her & we are proud of him for doing it!

The Willernie Garden Club (Pat Soderberg, Gemma Barry & I as a consultant) planted a window box for the post office yesterday. They are going to plant something in front of the town hall--Can't do a window box as we can't drill into stucco--which Vic stuccoed years ago.

Pudge is in Canada fishing this week with 3 other guys. They go to the same place every year.

We are getting a little misty rain today but we need more. White Bear Lake is way down-paper said about 3 ft. --So come on rain!!

May 1st, 2009

Yesterday was May 1st & Allan Addleman's 80th birthday!! When I was young we used to make May baskets out of construction paper or old wallpaper samples and we would pick wildflowers-violets or Mayflowers & put in the basket. Then we would go to our friends house & hang the basket on the doorknob & run so they would not see us. Especially if it was a boy!! I lived in the country so I would stay with my friend Eleanor who lived in town which gave me a chance to hang May baskets. I am still friends with Eleanor & we get together once a year for lunch. She used to come & stay overnight with me on the farm. She loved coming out there & I loved going into town!

I went to Menominee, Wis. yesterday to Barb Hulback's. Everything was so green & the leaves were popping out on the trees. We saw an eagle on the way home. He was sitting on a telephone pole by a small lake. We have seen him there before. Barb & Don have 3 bird feeders outside their living room window & the birds were busy eating. We saw cardinals, woodpeckers, finches, cow birds & mourning doves. The orioles & hummingbirds are not back yet.

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Sinead's Wedding in July 2009

July 14, 2009

I love this photo of Aunt Liz sitting between her niece, Mary Beth, and dear friend, Gemma. The occasion was the wedding of Gemma's daughter, Sinead. [When Heidi was little, she always pronounced "Sinead" as crochet. It always made me chuckle.] 

Thanksgiving 2009

The table is set. Aunt Liz is watching TV, waiting for the guests to arrive.


April 20, 2010

What a weekend! We really celebrated the birthdays. Fri Mary Beth, Denny & Pat were here for lunch. Mary made a really good pasta salad. Then on Sat nieces & nephews were here, 13 total & everybody brought something to eat so we had a great lunch. Ethan & Relia were the little ones & they really got along well. They sat on the little chairs that I have in my living room & pretended to have a tea party. Relia poured in little cups from the little teapot & then they would pretend to drink. Then she would ask Ethan "Do you want some more?" & he would say yes. We took scads of pix of them!! Then on Sun the family came for dinner, 16 counting Denny. The only thing I fixed was a ham. Lots of good food & company over the weekend. And I do not feel any older!!

Mary Beth & Barb H. are going to the casino in Hinckley on Thurs. We have not been there since last fall.

Diane made the neatest picture for me. It is pix of sisters & she had old pix of me, Dorothy & Ginny. One was the 3 of us by the old Quonset hut that Ginny & Allan lived in when he was going to college in Mpls. Can't see much of it but I know that is it. You can see the corrugated side. I really want to thank everybody for making my 85th birthday so special.


August 26, 2010

Donna wrote that the Kiewatt reunion was to be in the little town of Ottawa that is halfway between LeSueur & St. Peter. My folks moved there when I was in high school. They lived on the old Kiewatt place. It had a barn & pigpen & chicken coop & outdoor toilet--no running water or electricity. My parents had 2 or 3 cows & some pigs & chickens. There was a pasture & a small cornfield. The place was wired for electricity but they could not afford it so we had kerosene lamps & lanterns.

I did not want to change schools so it was decided that I could stay with Dorothy & Art in St. Peter during the week & come home on weekends.The train ran through Ottawa so I was able to ride it from St. Peter to Ottawa on Fri eve & return on Sun at noon.The ride cost one dime!!! The conductors got to know me & were very friendly. Ginny went to school in Ottawa & the school is still standing but is very run down & is not used for anything. The old Kiewatt place is all gone—bought up by the white sand quarry which is a big enterprise in Ottawa. They ship white sand all over the country.

More About Ottawa

August 27, 2010

Another memory of Ottawa – we had to go to a little post office to get our mail. It had been a grocery store also but no groceries when we lived there. The train would throw out a mail bag as it roared through Ottawa & the station master would take it to the post office. Outgoing mail was put in a bag then attached to an iron post & as the train went by a man in the mail car had a long rod that he would grab the mail bag off the pole. My friend & I would go to the little depot to watch this & to see if the guy ever missed the bag. He never did when we were there. Then we would go to the P.O. to wait for the mail to be sorted & get our mail if we had any.

On Nov.11th, 1940, my friend, Lorayne & I went to the P.O. about 11:30 to get the mail. It had been sunny in the AM but it started to snow about that time. It was about 12:30 when the mail came in & the snow was really coming down.We had a hard time walking home as the wind was blowing & it was snowing really hard! I was glad to get home. That was one of the worst blizzards in Minn. Many people were caught out in it & died. Trains & cars could not get through the big drifts. We did not have electricity & were lucky that way as all electricity was out all over. Our neighbor borrowed lanterns from us so he could milk his cows. We had a battery powered radio so we could hear all the news about the blizzard-which was not good news!!

Aunt Liz's Final Blog Post

November 9, 2010

I guess it is about time that I start blogging again. Had a great weekend. Kari & Charlie came out & we went to Paneras for lunch. Then we came back here & they cleaned my house. Great job. Then Mark, neighbor next to Denny, was over & raked all the leaves that were in the yard. Wasn't that nice of him? He was the one who shoveled my driveway last year after Pudge went to Az. Kari brought out some homemade wild rice & chicken soup that she had made. It was really, really good. We are going to have Thanksgiving at Kari's house this year. It is too much for me to tackle without Pat here to help.

I have to go to eye Dr. today. I was there 2 weeks ago for routine check & the pressure in my rt. eye was high so he wants to check it again today. The left eye was fine.

Kari also put all my pix that are on the computer on a disc. After that is done I delete them from computer. I have a lot of pictures!! But the discs are sure a lot better than all the big old albums.
Our weather has been really great for Nov. It can stay this way for a whole lot longer!!

Aunt Liz Is Celebrated

Yesterday my family and friends celebrated the life of my Aunt Liz. The service included an a cappella solo by Peder of The Rose. He sang it beautifully, and I was so proud of him. Bryan, Pat and Pudge's son, read a scripture, as did Jeff, Aunt Liz's oldest grandson - Wayne's firstborn. Following the mass, tributes were given by Mary Beth, my Uncle Vic's niece; Naomi, daughter of our family friend, Gemma (from Ireland), who referred to my Aunt Liz as Grandma Liz; Gemma, who shared some memories and then recited The Irish Blessing; and finally, my cousin, Pat. [Pat's tribute is on another page in this book.] I don't know how these women were able to do this, but somehow they had inner strength and were able to tell their personal feelings.
I was privileged to hold the beautiful wooden case that now houses Aunt Liz's ashes on the trip to the cemetery. It's a gorgeous box with her name engraved. She was buried next to my Uncle Vic, who died on his 82nd birthday in 2001.
A special family time was held at Aunt Liz's house following the burial. My sister Janet had downloaded hundreds of photos on her digital frame and we enjoyed watching the photos and recalling the events. It's true - my Aunt Liz was always smiling - enjoying life. She was passionate. She was kind. She was contented. She was independent. She was loving. She was hospitable. Money wasn't important to her - family and friends were. And I loved her with all my heart.

Pat's Tribute to Her Mom

Tribute to Mom

Elizabeth Jane Reed. Some of you called her "Grandma." Some of you called her "GG." One of you called her "your sister." Others called her "Aunt." And many of you called her "friend." I was the only one privileged enough to call her "Mom."

I not only loved my mom – I liked my mom. It may have seemed like I was mad at her at times because I would always be hollering at her. But that was only so she could hear me. Of course, we would irritate each other at times but get really mad at each other and have ugly, cross words did not happen.

So what did I like about my mom.
She was fun. She could turn something and anything into an adventure.
She could make things happen and she could do it on very little money. Money was never an issue with her.
She was happy and comfortable with her simple life. Things were not important to her. She did love her rocking chair, down comforter and books. The woman read like a maniac. You would often see her in her beloved rocking chair reading a book.
Her laid back attitude. She never fretted or worried. She would often say about a problem, "It will always work itself out."
She very seldom got mad. Even when I tipped her over in her walker on the busy sidewalks of Seattle she didn’t get mad at me. The only thing she said as the two of us were sprawled out—me on top of her—was "well that didn’t work."
Her sense of humor and ability to laugh. The incident I just talked about—all of us that were on that trip laughed so much about it. And she laughed right along with us. She was even proud of it because several years later I found myself back in Seattle with Pudge, Jim & Gloria. I called her and she said "be sure to show Jim & Gloria where you tipped me over on the sidewalk."
Her passion about things she felt strongly about.
--The union and the local she belonged to. She would defend unions with a vengeance. She was very active having held offices throughout the years and attending many conventions.
---The Democratic party. Oh yes—she had strong feelings about issues. I got to meet Geraldine Ferraro when I was with her. I remember standing in line to file past Hubert Humphrey’s coffin. She was very proud of the picture of her and Humphrey when he was vice president. Many times we would go to the Democratic election headquarters to watch the results come in and celebrate or cry (whatever the case was) with other Democrats. Oh! it was such an adventure and so much fun.
----The Boy Scouts. Who would have thought that my mother would have become a boy scout in her 50’s and loved it. She took her developmentally delayed troop on many camp outs and even took them to Ireland. She fell off a horse while at boy scout camp and broke her arm. And did she ever love telling people about that story. She received many distinguished awards because of her involvement with the Scouts.
I was so fortunate to have my mom for 65 years and we lived close enough where we could see each other often and have a great relationship. I would go visit with her frequently. After every trip I took she would want to know everything that happened. She would love it when I would tell her about some of the conversations Jim & I would have and all of his goofy Republican viewpoints. It didn’t take long for the two of us to conclude that he really did not know what he was talking about.
I was also fortunate in that Pudge loved my mother and was so very good to her. The two of them would have conversations that I was not privy to. Their relationship was great. I know he is going to miss seeing her every day and their chats. He went above and beyond showing her the ultimate of kindness and patience. I can only hope that my son-in-law would do the same for me.
The people she loved.
-Mary Beth—how she enjoyed your Sunday afternoon visits, trips to the casino, the cruises.
-Denny---she always got such a kick out of it when you would drag one of your recent purchases of a rusty fender, a bent up hubcap, a dirty head light over to her house. She really could have cared less about that stuff but she did love seeing how excited you would get when you would tell her about it and what you were going to do with it.

-Gemma. She would chuckle to herself when you would come in the door and shout "yoohoo." I know how very near and dear she was to you and how much you are going to miss her. Somebody else is going to have to scold you about your scatter rugs and the way you take your medicine.
-David, Linda, Diane & John. Your fondness & love for Mom came across loud and clear. She loved getting together with all of you. She enjoyed each and every one of you. You were the greatest nieces and nephews anyone could ever wish for.
-Donna, Jerry, Janet-it was no secret how much she loved you and how very special you were to her. We all know how she stepped up to the plate when your mom died. She never minded and I know she enjoyed being very much a part of your lives. Thank you all for everything you have done. Now which one of you is going to make the plum pudding at Christmas?
-Aunt Ginny. You lost your only surviving sister. You two were very different but that didn’t seem to bother either one of you. You accepted her for who she was. I have never heard either one of you say a cross word to one another or about one another.
If you ever want to see the definition of unconditional love in action you would only have to observe Mom with her grandchildren.
--Jeff. Her firstborn grandson. How very pleased she was when you would spontaneously show up to see her.
--Kimmy. You would make her laugh with your no nonsense approach to things.
--Kari. You spent lots of time at Grandma’s. She was so very proud of you. Your thoughtfulness was so appreciated when you & Charlie and the kids would show up and take her to lunch.
--Bryan. Her eyes would sparkle when you would come through the door and shout, "Hi, Grandma." There are no words to express the gratitude and comfort that you were to her and I that week in Arizona.
--Shannon. The last of her grandchildren but not the least. No matter what boyfriend you bought over Grandma would accept them because they were connected to you and you, Shannon Noel Reed, mattered to her.
All of you should have nothing but the fondest of memories of your grandmother. The trips, the holidays, her love of fun and the list goes on and on. She left you a legacy just by being her. My hope is that even though she is gone you will continue to remember her and what a good role model she was to all of you.
Then the great grandchildren came along-- Matt, Trevor, Abby, Anna, Travis and Jamie. Everything you did and just by being you gave GG so much joy and happiness.
My memories of my Mom are so many but I know I will always cherish the ones of the last few months she spent in Arizona with us. Her daily walks down the back of the condos and the neighbors cheering her on; her on the porch watching the humming birds and the golfers. She even got to where she could see the golf balls land and was so proud that she had to announce it when it happened; her daily schedule; our lunches & dinners together; bopping around the village on the golf cart; her attending my dance recital so she could see that all the money she sunk into me for dance lessons as a child paid off; all of the appointments and tests which she so cheerfully went along with.
Then she had the surgery. I was there and planned to be no matter how long of a haul it would have been. I wanted so badly for her to turn the corner and start to recover. I invented a song while I did range of motion exercises with her. It went like this:
I don’t know but I’ve been told
Getting out of this hospital is the way to go
It will take some time and energy
But we can do it—you and me.
Sound off 1, 2-----------
I smothered her sweet face with kisses saying this one is from Sinead, One from Naomi, One from Denny, Mary Beth, Gemma, Kari, Bryan, Jeff, Kimmy, Travis, Jamie, Matt, Trevor, Shannon, Abby & Anna, Donna, Janet.
I wanted her to sit up. I wanted the tubes out. I so very desperately wanted her to get well. Dear, sensible Gloria, in her very soft, gentle voice said to me, "Now Patty, she has just had a major surgery. You need to give her time. Then while stroking Mom’s arms she would say "It’s Ok, Liz. You need to rest to get well."
Well, it didn’t happen. She didn’t get well.

I say this to Pudge: "We gave it our best shot."

So now family and friends, we have some choices to make:
We can shed tears that she is gone; or we can smile because she has lived. We can close your eyes and pray that she will come back; or we can open our eyes and see all that she has left. Our hearts can be empty because we can’t see her; or we can be full of love that we shared. We can remember her and only that she is gone; or we can cherish her memory and let it live on. We can cry and close our minds, be empty and turn our backs. Or we can do what she would want. Open our eyes, love and go on.
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 5:15 in the afternoon, Mom took her last breath and her heart stopped beating. Pudge was on one side holding her in our arms. Then the chimes came over the loud speaker playing Brahms Lullaby indicating that a baby had just been born. Pudge looked over at me and said, "I hope it is a girl. And I hope they name her Elizabeth. 
Good bye, Mom.