Friday, February 22, 2013

Alaskan Cruise

On August 8, 2008, 19 friends and family sailed from Seattle to Alaska and back! The cruise was just fantastic!! I liked it that there were so many people on the ship that we knew-we were always running into someone you knew. Pat, Gloria, Darcy (Gloria's sister) Denny & I got to Seattle about 9:30 am on Thurs. We had reservations at Holiday Inn Downtown. Gloria & Pat looked for a cab to take us to the hotel & they got a limo for the same price as a cab. That was the first time I had ever ridden in a limo! We went to Pike's fish Market & ate lunch there, then I went back to the hotel for my nap. We went to a restaurant noted for its sea food for supper. Then when getting into cab to go to the hotel, I shut the car door on my left leg--Now that really HURT! & did it ever get black & blue. It did not bother me on the ship unless I bumped it but I kept putting ice on it the first few days. On Sat after we got home it started to hurt & get prickly sensations like a bunch of needles & kept it up on Sun., so I went to Dr. yesterday & it had developed a surface blood clot. The Dr. numbed my leg (not enough) & then made a small incision & pushed the clot out. I have to go back Fri. to have it checked.

The scenery in Alaska is just awesome. We saw whales, dolphins, glaciers, mountains. Linda, Pat, Gloria, Darcy & I took a train tour in Juneau that followed the old gold rush trail. That was fantastic.
Our room said it could sleep 3, but when I walked into room, there was no couch like I expected, but a bunk bed!! Well guess who was the lucky one to get that? No, not me. I could not have climbed the ladder to get up there, so Linda was the unlucky one. She did good!!

I have not had access to Internet since Aug 4--Juno could not get it so Pudge sent for a disc & had to re-install Juno so now I can get on but I am going to change to Comcast & get high speed Internet. I know Pat sure likes theirs now & she gets on the computer more.

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