Friday, February 22, 2013

This and That

May 8, 2008

Sunday I went to a baby shower for Emily (Diane's daughter). It was at Diane & Dave's new house in Blaine. Their house is really, really nice. Has lots of windows so gets lots of light. They have a screened in deck (very smart for Mn. & all the mosquitoes) & that looks out over a pond & some woods & a cornfield. Diane said the farmer planted the corn for the wild life & they really have it. They have seen deer, wild turkeys, and beaver in the pond just in back of their house & sand-hill cranes. We saw the cranes on Sunday. Janet came on Sat & spent time with Donna before she left on Sun for Ukraine. Emily got a lot of nice baby things at the shower. There were 3 babies there--one was only 10 days old!! Janet is in a Sweet Adeline's concert on May 17th & Diane & Dave are going. They are going to pick me up. Pat will be in Hayward Wis. so I didn't think I would be able to go, but this will work out fine.

Fri. I am going to Jamie Lorch's School for Grandparent's Day. We were to write a letter & tell what it was like when we started school. I think mine might be a little different as I started school in a one room schoolhouse. YES, we had to walk to school-rain, snow or shine. We were on a farm which was only about a mile from school. The teacher had all 8 grades. There were about 12 or 15 students altogether. There were little desks in front & then medium size ones & then large ones for big kids. I carried my lunch in a little tin pail with a cover. Lunch was usually a peanut butter sandwich, a cookie or piece of cake & some fruit like an apple or raisins. When I was in 4th grade, the country school closed & then I went to school in town & a school bus picked us up. At the country school we had to carry water from the neighboring farm. We had to take turns to get the water. We had a pail to carry the water. The toilets were outside toilets – one for boys & one for girls. In winter there was a big old heating stove that burned coal & wood. The teacher would get there early in winter to start the fire so it would be warm when the kids got there. Interesting times!

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