Friday, February 22, 2013

Bits & Pieces

February 21, 2008

Pat & Pudge got back from Florida last Sat. & got home in time for some more frigid Minn weather!! We have had our share of it this winter. Several below zero days & wind chill bad. Doesn't bother me too much as I stay inside, although I have been going to a chiropractor once a week for the pinched nerve. It is 95% better. I got the Life Alert last week. A small machine plugs into the phone line & electric outlet. When the lady was here we tested it. My machine is in the kitchen on the little shelf under the cookbooks. Anyway she had me go all over the house to see if they could hear me after I pushed the button which is on a string around my neck--I went downstairs by the washer & dryer & they could hear me loud & clear. Then I went into the garage & shut the door & they still could hear me. Amazing!! Hope I never have to use it!

Yesterday Mary Beth & I took a tour bus to the casino in Hinckley. I did not win this time but it was good to get out of house & do something different. I made a vest for Donna this past week. She had the pattern & material. It turned out good but I had a terrible time with the lining! She hasn't seen it yet.

I am reading a book by Minn. author  P. J. Tracy--a mother & daughter team--one lives in Mn. & the other in Cal.  It is a murder mystery taking place in Mn. The murdered person is put in a snowman--There have been 3 so far & I am only half way in the book. It takes place in winter in Mn. and is oh so familiar when they write about the weather.

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