Thursday, February 21, 2013

Telling a Few Stories


December 9, 2008
Thanksgiving has come & gone & Christmas is coming up fast!! I have a few of my decorations up --not the tree yet but will get that yet this week. And am thinking about making the plum puddings. I enjoyed going to Rochester to see Rachel & kids & Peder & Sarah & Relia. It is so much fun for me to watch them play. Janet got out her dolls & doll bed & the girls had fun with them. Joe played with plastic blocks--they had numbers on them & Joe would say the nunbers in German--up to 20!

Donna has a funny on her email today about men taking messages. Well I have a couple of them also & they are true ones about Vic & Tony Dadey. When Peder was born (they lived in Ill) Steve called my place & Vic answered the phone. Steve told him that Donna had a baby boy & named him Peder. The message that Vic relayed to me was "Peder called & said that Dolly (she was Pudge's sister & lived in Conn.) had a baby & named him Steve." I called Pat right away & she was surprised. She called Thelma (Pudge's mother) & told her. Thelma was also surprised & said "I didn't even know she was pregnant!!" So she called Dolly right away & Dolly had no idea what she was talking about! We finally got it straightened out & we have always gotten a big laugh from that story. And another one was a Tony Dadey story. Tony stopped by my house & I told him Denny was coming. Well, he went to Pat's house & told her that Ginny (my sister ) was coming. Pat called me & asked why I hadn't told her that Ginny was coming. I said, "O My Gosh! I have to go get groceries & clean house!!" I asked Pat who had told her that & she told me Tony, so we got that one straightened out pretty fast!! But we did learn not to give those two any messages!!!

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