Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy Week

September 27, 2007

I have really had a busy week! On Thursday, Mary Beth & I went to the casino at Hinckley-– just for the day & we both came out ahead, which is not usual, so we were both happy! Went to Austin Sat for a concert where Janet's Sweet Adeline group was singing. It was really good. And we got to see Linda again and her new car. On Sun we went to Janet's & Jerry's for brunch & had a nice visit and a delicious brunch!
On the way back to Donna's house, we stopped by the Buddhist temple which is by Farmington & Hampton.The address is Hampton. We went inside the temple after asking a man who was doing yard work (he was Asian & maybe one of the monks). He did not speak English. Inside was an altar with a large gold Buddha & vases & flowers & little statues. It is so unusual to see this huge temple in the middle of all the farm land.

On Tues I went on a tour to Duluth & Two Harbors. Took a bus to Two Harbors where we had lunch & then got on a train which took us back to Duluth. The leaves were great south of Duluth but most of the trees up there are birch or poplar & they were bright yellow. Just the sumac was red. It was a long day—had to catch the bus by Maplewood Mall at 7:15 AM and did not get back until 8 PM, but I enjoyed the trip. Mary Beth & 4 of her old classmates were on the tour also.

Donna, I was sorry to hear about your bird but hope you get another one that sings a lot. Heidi, that was terrible about your hand. It had to be very painful, but I guess it could have been worse & it happened at the end of your vacation, didn't it? Linda, it was so good to see you again. I really love getting together with my relatives.
I love the pictures of Aurelia. It is so neat to see how she grows & tries to do things now. Aren't these computers great?? even if they frustrate me!!

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